AMPS LLC releases TrialPerfect

AMPS llc is pleased to announce the release of TrialPerfect version 1.0.0

TrialPerfect is the AMPS back-end database system that completes the well-know CalECG product, the AMPS on-screen measurement tool, providing a complete solution for your clinical trials.

The main characteristic of TrialPerfect and CalECG is to provide a professional, safe and user friendly client/server environment for the storage, analysis, interpretation, validation and review of ECG traces in the context of clinical trials. TrialPerfect is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

TrialPerfect offers a user-friendly Web interface whereby the management of the annotations is completely handled by the back-end process and includes a complete audit trail. The tool can support all file formats supported by CalECG, such as Mortara E-Scribe XML, Muse transactional XML, HL7 XML and many others.

TrialPerfect can handle five types of users whom take part in the whole Clinical Trial process, and in which the Program Manager (PM) holds the main role.

At study closure, TrialPerfect can automatically create HL7 XML FDA files. For a successful submission to the FDA Warehouse the HL7 XML files should be validated prior to the physical submission, using, for example, the AMPS FDA ECG Suite. The system allows also for intra-reader and inter-reader variability assessment for quality purpose.

The first Trial Perfect installation has been performed at Clinilabs Inc, New York, NY.

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