AMPS LLC releases a new multi-platform ECG viewer: ViewECG

AMPS LLC is pleased to announce the release of ViewECG, the tool  capable of rendering/displaying on the MS Windows platforms annotated ECG HL7 XML files (the XML format endorsed by the FDA), as well as the majority of ECG formats of the industry (E.g.: Ishne, Mortara EScribe and HScribeXML, GE Muse and Cardiosoft XML, Philips Sierra XML v.1.03 and v.1.04, and Schiller RST).

Based on the well known AMPS FDAEcg Suite platform, ViewECG provides the functionality of a general-purpose MS windows ECG trace viewer and it’s the ideal solution for Core Labs, Hospitals, Research laboratories and anybody in the need to view ECGs traces generated with machines from different manufacturers, as well as the standard FDA HL7 XML file format, via just one common interface.

ViewECG has been successfully integrated into commercial Data/Patient Database hospital platforms allowing physicians to gain access and view ECG traces in their original formats both via the hospitals local area networks and the Internet

About AMPS LLC: AMPS LLC, based in New York, NY, is a leading edge software company providing software solutions used specifically by Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical corporations in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring and is well known for the support given to the FDA for the establishment of the HL7 XML ECG standard and for providing FDA Officials with the famous AMPS XMLFDA Viewer tool. The company’s website is