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FDAEcg Suite is a new HL7 XML viewer that replaces and extends the previous XMLFDA Full Functional viewer. Noteworthy extensions are the validation and scoring modules for the HL7 XML ECG traces. The validation module verifies that both the structure and content of the HL7 XML files meet the requirements embodied in the HL7 Schema and the HL7 Implementation Guide endorsed by the FDA. Thanks to the strategic alliance signed with Mortara Instruments Inc. in August 2006, the FDAEcg Suite and the FDA ECG Warehouse produce a consistent set of syntactical warnings and error messages during the validation phase thus giving a consistent interpretation of the HL7 XML standard requirements. The scoring module measures the quality of the loaded ECGs. The FDAEcg Suite 1.0 ships with several predefined metrics that calculate the high and low frequency noise using non parametric algorithms, but new user level metrics may be created by using the SDK freely provided by AMPS.

A User Manual is included in the setup package.

Demo is fully functional only with the demo data files included in this setup package.