AMPS announces the release of the first version of CER-S

 New York, March  3rd, 2014 

AMPS LLC announces the release of the first version of CER-S ( Continuous Ecg Recordings Suite) including the first two platforms: the aECG Generator (Pollux) and Continuous ECG Viewer.

After many years of research, experience accumulated by partnering with the most successful Clinical Research Organizations worldwide, and working in close cooperation with FDA officials, AMPS announced in October 2013 a plan to provide a complete set of state-of-the art tools for the semi-automated and automated analysis, measurement, and viewing of 12-lead Continuous ECGs, also known as Holter recordings, in the newly FDA-proposed standard format.

Today AMPS is glad to announce the release of the 2 first modules for the viewing, and reconciliation of continuous ECGs, and of extracted annotated ECGs, in compliance with the new Regulatory Review of Continuous ECGs.

Fabio Badilini, PhD, FACC, Chief Scientist and AMPS founder commented: “As presented and promised at the Regulatory Review of Continuous ECGs Workshop held in Washington D.C. on December 11th, 2013 we are now ready to provide our customers with the first set of the CER-S modules, allowing them to comply with the request of the FDA for the submission of continuous data. This is a major step forward for our customers, enormously facilitating their task of submitting to the FDA the data requested, which will ultimately lead to an even more effective work for FDA officials while approving new compounds”.

As of today the first 2 platforms of CER-S are available for licensing to all AMPS customers: The Continuous Recording Viewer and the aECG Generator (Pollux).

The major features of CER-S include:

- Continuous recordings annotation capabilities

- Continuous recordings aECG generator

- Ergonomic Viewer of Continuous recording  

Additional Modules of CER-S will become available following the calendar published in AMPS-QT the AMPS quarterly magazine available at the AMPS web site (

About AMPS LLC: AMPS LLC, based in New York, NY, is a leading edge software company providing software solutions used specifically by Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical corporations in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring and is well known for the support given to the FDA for the establishment of the HL7 XML ECG standard and for providing FDA Officials with the famous AMPS XMLFDA Viewer tool. The company’s website is

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