AMPS LLC releases a new and improved XML Viewer Light

Over one year ago AMPS announced the sunset of the well known XMLFDA Viewer product and the release of the AMPS FDAEcg Suite, the modular AMPS solution for the HL7 xml format ECGs, which included an extensive set of qualitative and quantitative tools ranging from ECG quality scoring to HL7 XML validation at different level.


The success of the AMPS FDAEcg Suite proved that, beyond the increased functionality, the new graphical interface and the redesigned menus struck a responsive chord.

AMPS LLC is now pleased to announce the release of the AMPS Viewer Light. This new product is replacing the old XMLFDA Viewer Light and it provides the much improved graphical interface of the AMPS FDAEcg Suite, as it is based on the same code. Similarly to the old Light product the new AMPS Viewer Light provides a way to display and validate one HL7 xml ECG file at a time.

In the last few years the XMLFDA Viewer Light has been widely adopted by the healthcare industry, ranging from pharmaceutical companies, Core labs, and private clinical practices. The new AMPS Viewer Light can be licensed from AMPS, like its predecessor, via a one-time charge. AMPS customers already owning a license of the XMLFDA Viewer light will be able to upgrade to the new product at a discounted fee.

About AMPS LLC: AMPS LLC, based in New York, NY, is a leading edge software company providing software solutions used specifically by Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical corporations in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring and is well known for the support given to the FDA for the establishment of the HL7 XML ECG standard and for providing FDA Officials with the famous AMPS XMLFDA Viewer tool. The company’s website is

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