AMPS LLC releases FAT-QT

AMPS is proud to announce the official release of FAT-QT (Fully Automatic Thorough-QT) the tool that combining the features of two successful and recently enhanced AMPS tools, namely CalECG v3 and the FDAEcg Suite v2, provide in one single tool the capability to perform a fully automated analysis of 12-lead ECGs.

Taking advantage of the much improved measurement algorithm of CalECG v3, as well as the enhanced filters recently developed for the AMPS FDAEcg Suite scoring module, FAT-QT has the capability to greatly reduce the amount of time needed to analyze ECG traces in the contest of Thorough-QT studies in particular, and in clinical trials in general, by pre-processing, measuring, and then sorting all the ECG traces in different sets.

With FAT-QT ECGs are at first automatically annotated with the new and improved algorithm of CalECGv3 and then, using different scoring metrics, the ECGs are sorted in categories, based on quality. Both the scoring metrics and the number of categories are configurable and selectable by the user. At the end of the process, minutes later, good quality classified ECGs would not require any further expert review, greatly reducing the need for manual review analysis on a small subset of ECGs for each study, and thus allowing safer, faster, and cheaper processing of large amount of ECG traces.

FAT-QT has proven to be so effective and reliable from the first development phase that several of the major AMPS customers had already requested to use it in beta-version and even licensed the product while still in the final validation phases, and are now receiving the first official production release.

About AMPS LLC: AMPS LLC, based in New York, NY, is a leading edge software company providing software solutions used specifically by Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical corporations in the field of quantitative ECG analysis and blood pressure monitoring and is well known for the support given to the FDA for the establishment of the HL7 XML ECG standard and for providing FDA Officials with the famous AMPS XMLFDA Viewer tool. The company’s website is

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