The Internet ECG Viewer
Ariel is an ActiveX that can be plugged in applications
and web pages to display ECGs and, in case, their
Ariel can only display ECG saved in AMPS binary format.
AMPS binary files can be generated by other AMPS
technology (namely the CalECG/Mizar platform) used to
annotate ECGs.
Otherwise AMPS can share the Document of the AMPS format, so that
customer can produce ECGs in this format on their own.
About Ariel - 1
Ariel provides the display of the loaded ECG in various
Ariel can display both Rhyth data (typically 10s long) as
well as the Representative Beats (also called Median
Beats), the condensed 1.2s ECG beat.
If available in the loaded ECG, Ariel offers the possibility
to display ECG annotations such as PR, QRS width, QT
About Ariel - 2